Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Golden Birthday!

Today's my golden birthday, 19 on the 19th! And it looks like winter outside. Schools were actually let out early and my microbio class was cancelled, which was kind of disappointing for I spent most of my afternoon making my dessert for that class! And now it's hailing but I can hear thunder...c'est la vie.

My birthday was filled with oodles of surprises, my first being this lovely note left on the bathroom mirror by the one and only, Whitney
Now, you had to of seen "Diary of A Wimpy Kid" to understand this disguising yet hilarious gesture. Whitney and I don't stick to the traditional cards for birthdays, hence this post it note.

Alec decided to be the "Cake Boss" and made me a clay cake, decorated with a pregnant girl and a crib on top, cute right??

A singing balloon from my daddio, complete with his usual birds and butterflies (he tied them to the balloon string, now I must make a home for them somewhere in my car) and a red velvet cupcake from my mom.

These dashing flowers were a beautiful surprise

My Harveys Seatbelt Diaper Bag! With the Malibu blue seatbelt bow! Getting this is making me antsy! 2 more months,2 more months....

My parents seemed to have raided the BMW store because I received this snazzy umbrella, a matching key fob, and a BMW jacket. Official beamer owner here!

And this scrumptious devil's food and butter cream cake made by the Martha Stewart of RC, Anna Korb! Her specialties also include brownie cupcakes and brownie loafs

Thanks to everyone for the special birthday wishes and surprises! You have all truly made my golden birthday one to remember

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whitney's Prom

Whitney had prom yesterday and she looked STUNNING! She made it on court (she was actually asked by 3 different guys on court, comment tres miserables)but went with Rouven, a German exchange student, who resembled Willy Wonka if you ask me.

It was fun going to Grand March. I've never gone as a spectator before but I love looking at everyone's dresses! And it was fun to see all of Whitney's little friends dressed up.

So who did prom better?

Nah, I'm kidding, no sibling rivalry here! Though I am very envious of her dress....I did sort of pressure her into buying it but she's glad I did, that and she is so indecisive as it is, she needed a push. She definitely blew everyone else out of the water...with a color like that how could you not?!
Other news, only a month left of school! Thank my lucky stars, it just needs to be done with. Next semester, I won't have to take math or science, just english, english, english, and political science (blah). And my birthday is Tuesday, 19 on the 19th! I'm bringing in my favorite chocolate pudding cheesecake dessert for my microbio class. As for movies, Gulliver's Travels was a cute movie. I read the original book in my humanities class and some of it is relatable to the movie but I'm sure Ms.Schekel wouldn't approve.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Why I Write

As promised, here's a recent belly photo...less than three months now, that is crazy.

I'll be taking a break from the internet in general for I waste away so much time on it. When I'm not on facebook, I'm posting on here, when I'm not on here I'm perusing every baby site possible when I have more than enough homework and other things to work on. For example, my third english portfolio, which is due on Monday and I only have 1,000 words done so far....and I need 3,000. Not to mention I have to include two screenplays (yikes) and have no idea what to write about. On top of that, I really need to work on my final research paper for my other english class. I've hit that speed bump and just need to floor it.
So as much as I find blogging a huge stress relief, the break is much needed. Below is a rough draft of a piece I need to extend on for my portfolio, can't say it's my best piece but it is one of my favorites.

Why I Write (Chelsey’s Version)
I write to speak the things I cannot say. I write to better myself. I write to calm myself. I write for tears can’t interrupt words on paper. I write because I mumble. I write to express myself. I write for I am too fearful to say it out loud. I write because I talk too fast. I write for revenge. I write because I sound more intelligent on paper. I write because I like to describe things. I write to release fear. I write for my future. I write for my past. I write for my major. I write because I can. I write because it’s private. I write to make the private public. I write for love. I write for envy. I write for hate. I write to tell descriptive details. I write beyond my maturity. I write because I say the wrong things. I write from my Blackberry. I write on paper. I write from my laptop. I write words to find adjectives. I write conversations down. I write arguments down. I write before I speak. I write and my mother proofreads. I write for my son. I write for my family. I write for me. I write out of my anger and into my passion.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Another week down

My week flew. Another one down in my book,yay! My first week back to classes were fairly easy. Both my english teachers were gone for conferences all week and my math teacher rehearsing Rebecca Black's "Friday" song majority of lecture. On top of that, I had didn't have classes Thursday for my micrbiology class went to Danisco Lab in Madison for a field trip. We were forced to wear jumpers that resembled footie pjs, hair nets, beard nets (even if you had shaved...so Whitney that would not exempt you from wearing one), and goggles. Annnnd it was extremely boring. It was humid and smelled of mildew and cheese, it just wasn't pleasant. Not to mention we had to stand for over an hour listening to a woman who loved the sound of her own voice. I honestly didn't learn much at all and I have to write a paper on what I learned by tomorrow *facepalm*

Attractive right? The jumper makes me look bigger than I actually am! As much as I am not a fan of micrbiology, I really do like my class.

On Saturday, my mom, Whitney, and I ventured to Stevens Point to visit Hidie and had a girls day. AND Whitney and I ate at Olive Garden. And didn't have to go to the hospital. The last time we went to an Olive Garden was when our family went to Seattle 2 years ago and Alec, Whitney, and I had food poisoning and were violently sick. We missed out on so much during that trip because we were all laying down in the cold basement, occupying the bathroom. I remember Whit and I watching TV and a commercial came on for Olive Garden and we both our stomachs flopped. But we were able to visit Pike's Market and go up in the Space Needle, though that was an adventure in its own. A spinning room with a dizzy head, and upset stomach doesn't equal a joyous experience. So hopefully if we go back in the summer we can go again.

A picture of us sickies!

....sorry I went off on a tangent! Anywho, a new Olive Garden was put in and we decided to try it and it was delicious! I missed their breadsticks, and I vegged out and had a cherry Pepsi, naughty I know. Though, sad to say, they no longer serve chocolate lasagna.

After we did a little shopping and I found the most ADORABLE peacoat for Beckam. And best part, $6 at a resale shop...I'm turning into my mother! But it's Gymboree and still had its original tags on it. He's going to be one stylin' baby!