Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Golden Birthday!

Today's my golden birthday, 19 on the 19th! And it looks like winter outside. Schools were actually let out early and my microbio class was cancelled, which was kind of disappointing for I spent most of my afternoon making my dessert for that class! And now it's hailing but I can hear thunder...c'est la vie.

My birthday was filled with oodles of surprises, my first being this lovely note left on the bathroom mirror by the one and only, Whitney
Now, you had to of seen "Diary of A Wimpy Kid" to understand this disguising yet hilarious gesture. Whitney and I don't stick to the traditional cards for birthdays, hence this post it note.

Alec decided to be the "Cake Boss" and made me a clay cake, decorated with a pregnant girl and a crib on top, cute right??

A singing balloon from my daddio, complete with his usual birds and butterflies (he tied them to the balloon string, now I must make a home for them somewhere in my car) and a red velvet cupcake from my mom.

These dashing flowers were a beautiful surprise

My Harveys Seatbelt Diaper Bag! With the Malibu blue seatbelt bow! Getting this is making me antsy! 2 more months,2 more months....

My parents seemed to have raided the BMW store because I received this snazzy umbrella, a matching key fob, and a BMW jacket. Official beamer owner here!

And this scrumptious devil's food and butter cream cake made by the Martha Stewart of RC, Anna Korb! Her specialties also include brownie cupcakes and brownie loafs

Thanks to everyone for the special birthday wishes and surprises! You have all truly made my golden birthday one to remember

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