Monday, April 4, 2011

Another week down

My week flew. Another one down in my book,yay! My first week back to classes were fairly easy. Both my english teachers were gone for conferences all week and my math teacher rehearsing Rebecca Black's "Friday" song majority of lecture. On top of that, I had didn't have classes Thursday for my micrbiology class went to Danisco Lab in Madison for a field trip. We were forced to wear jumpers that resembled footie pjs, hair nets, beard nets (even if you had Whitney that would not exempt you from wearing one), and goggles. Annnnd it was extremely boring. It was humid and smelled of mildew and cheese, it just wasn't pleasant. Not to mention we had to stand for over an hour listening to a woman who loved the sound of her own voice. I honestly didn't learn much at all and I have to write a paper on what I learned by tomorrow *facepalm*

Attractive right? The jumper makes me look bigger than I actually am! As much as I am not a fan of micrbiology, I really do like my class.

On Saturday, my mom, Whitney, and I ventured to Stevens Point to visit Hidie and had a girls day. AND Whitney and I ate at Olive Garden. And didn't have to go to the hospital. The last time we went to an Olive Garden was when our family went to Seattle 2 years ago and Alec, Whitney, and I had food poisoning and were violently sick. We missed out on so much during that trip because we were all laying down in the cold basement, occupying the bathroom. I remember Whit and I watching TV and a commercial came on for Olive Garden and we both our stomachs flopped. But we were able to visit Pike's Market and go up in the Space Needle, though that was an adventure in its own. A spinning room with a dizzy head, and upset stomach doesn't equal a joyous experience. So hopefully if we go back in the summer we can go again.

A picture of us sickies!

....sorry I went off on a tangent! Anywho, a new Olive Garden was put in and we decided to try it and it was delicious! I missed their breadsticks, and I vegged out and had a cherry Pepsi, naughty I know. Though, sad to say, they no longer serve chocolate lasagna.

After we did a little shopping and I found the most ADORABLE peacoat for Beckam. And best part, $6 at a resale shop...I'm turning into my mother! But it's Gymboree and still had its original tags on it. He's going to be one stylin' baby!

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