Friday, December 23, 2011

The Christmas Festivites Part 1

I had a little helper while wrapping presents...sort of. When he wasn't trying to eat the paper, he was mashing it.




And Beckam though he had to try Alec's hat on....



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Dirty Pleasures

....and Facebook isn't one of them! I'm proud to say I haven't snuck back on since I ended that relationship on Sunday

1. American Horror Story
Most enticing and thrilling show I've ever watched.

2.Cherry Coke
Enough said.

3.Chocolate cake and chips from Cafe Fiesta Fe

4.Mustaches....everyone secretly wishes they had one.

5.Wicked Fit
I wish I was as clever with my words as Katie and Monique.

6.Sex and the City reruns
What I would give to be Carrie Brandshaw. She is successful, beautiful (even with a big nose), and best of all, has the three best friends anyone could ever have.



9.New Girl
Zooey Deschanel is a major awkward cutie!

10.Teen Mom
I'm trying to wean myself off I swear!

It's releases!
Columbiana was an awesome, bad-ass girl action movie. If you liked Salt, then you'll like this movie. The main chick is a hit woman, seeking revenge from the Columbian drug lords that killed her family. She kills one in jail, kills one by his own shark, kills another with a towel and toothbrush (kid you not!), and kills the head honcho with her own dogs.

Straw Dogs was strange but I liked it. It took a really, really long time to get started but the last 20 minutes of the movie is INTENSE. A couple move from LA to the wife's hometown and it is Hicksville just like RC....but worse. Her ex ends up working on their house and chaos starts to happen. And the husband is well a pansy, scrawny screenwriter but kicks butt in the end with his creative mind. Makes me proud to be a creative writer!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm Back....

Get excited because Chelsey is back!
Better than ever!

I have decided yet again to take another break from Facebook so I'll be blogging to keep in touch with those who care.

I love writing. So here I will also post my worthy pieces because what's the point of putting all the love, dedication, and effort into a piece for it just to be hidden.

So, I look forward to seeing my page views increase :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beckam Zachary

Beckam made his grand arrival June 8th at 9:41 PM. His arrival was well, very unexpected. I had just had an appointment with Dr.Wright that morning, which I was 2 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced. Dr.Wright was leaving for vacation the next day for 2 weeks and kept saying I'm going to have this baby while he's gone. So I left a little upset and discouraged, thinking I still had another 2 weeks and I would have to have a different doctor.

My mom and I decided to go to Madison for the rest of the day and while in JCPenneys I started to feel really, really crampy. I went with my mom into a dressing room inside JCP and when I went to stand up, I felt the gush of water, totally soaking Whitney's (haha) leggings I was wearing and the whole butt of my dress. So we made a mad dash for home...until we were caught in a hailstorm in Lone Rock and forced to pull into a wayside.

I checked into the hospital around 6:30 PM and had Beckam at 9:41 PM. Right after he was born, I had to have surgery immediately after for I dilated too fast. But Beckam weighed 6 lbs 5 oz and was 20 inches long and had a head full of dark, dark brown hair. He was, and still is, very alert and wide eyed. He's absolutely perfect!

Beckam at 1 week old (pictures thanks to "aunt" Sandi)

Beckam at 2 weeks....coming soon!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Golden Birthday!

Today's my golden birthday, 19 on the 19th! And it looks like winter outside. Schools were actually let out early and my microbio class was cancelled, which was kind of disappointing for I spent most of my afternoon making my dessert for that class! And now it's hailing but I can hear thunder...c'est la vie.

My birthday was filled with oodles of surprises, my first being this lovely note left on the bathroom mirror by the one and only, Whitney
Now, you had to of seen "Diary of A Wimpy Kid" to understand this disguising yet hilarious gesture. Whitney and I don't stick to the traditional cards for birthdays, hence this post it note.

Alec decided to be the "Cake Boss" and made me a clay cake, decorated with a pregnant girl and a crib on top, cute right??

A singing balloon from my daddio, complete with his usual birds and butterflies (he tied them to the balloon string, now I must make a home for them somewhere in my car) and a red velvet cupcake from my mom.

These dashing flowers were a beautiful surprise

My Harveys Seatbelt Diaper Bag! With the Malibu blue seatbelt bow! Getting this is making me antsy! 2 more months,2 more months....

My parents seemed to have raided the BMW store because I received this snazzy umbrella, a matching key fob, and a BMW jacket. Official beamer owner here!

And this scrumptious devil's food and butter cream cake made by the Martha Stewart of RC, Anna Korb! Her specialties also include brownie cupcakes and brownie loafs

Thanks to everyone for the special birthday wishes and surprises! You have all truly made my golden birthday one to remember

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whitney's Prom

Whitney had prom yesterday and she looked STUNNING! She made it on court (she was actually asked by 3 different guys on court, comment tres miserables)but went with Rouven, a German exchange student, who resembled Willy Wonka if you ask me.

It was fun going to Grand March. I've never gone as a spectator before but I love looking at everyone's dresses! And it was fun to see all of Whitney's little friends dressed up.

So who did prom better?

Nah, I'm kidding, no sibling rivalry here! Though I am very envious of her dress....I did sort of pressure her into buying it but she's glad I did, that and she is so indecisive as it is, she needed a push. She definitely blew everyone else out of the water...with a color like that how could you not?!
Other news, only a month left of school! Thank my lucky stars, it just needs to be done with. Next semester, I won't have to take math or science, just english, english, english, and political science (blah). And my birthday is Tuesday, 19 on the 19th! I'm bringing in my favorite chocolate pudding cheesecake dessert for my microbio class. As for movies, Gulliver's Travels was a cute movie. I read the original book in my humanities class and some of it is relatable to the movie but I'm sure Ms.Schekel wouldn't approve.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Why I Write

As promised, here's a recent belly photo...less than three months now, that is crazy.

I'll be taking a break from the internet in general for I waste away so much time on it. When I'm not on facebook, I'm posting on here, when I'm not on here I'm perusing every baby site possible when I have more than enough homework and other things to work on. For example, my third english portfolio, which is due on Monday and I only have 1,000 words done so far....and I need 3,000. Not to mention I have to include two screenplays (yikes) and have no idea what to write about. On top of that, I really need to work on my final research paper for my other english class. I've hit that speed bump and just need to floor it.
So as much as I find blogging a huge stress relief, the break is much needed. Below is a rough draft of a piece I need to extend on for my portfolio, can't say it's my best piece but it is one of my favorites.

Why I Write (Chelsey’s Version)
I write to speak the things I cannot say. I write to better myself. I write to calm myself. I write for tears can’t interrupt words on paper. I write because I mumble. I write to express myself. I write for I am too fearful to say it out loud. I write because I talk too fast. I write for revenge. I write because I sound more intelligent on paper. I write because I like to describe things. I write to release fear. I write for my future. I write for my past. I write for my major. I write because I can. I write because it’s private. I write to make the private public. I write for love. I write for envy. I write for hate. I write to tell descriptive details. I write beyond my maturity. I write because I say the wrong things. I write from my Blackberry. I write on paper. I write from my laptop. I write words to find adjectives. I write conversations down. I write arguments down. I write before I speak. I write and my mother proofreads. I write for my son. I write for my family. I write for me. I write out of my anger and into my passion.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Another week down

My week flew. Another one down in my book,yay! My first week back to classes were fairly easy. Both my english teachers were gone for conferences all week and my math teacher rehearsing Rebecca Black's "Friday" song majority of lecture. On top of that, I had didn't have classes Thursday for my micrbiology class went to Danisco Lab in Madison for a field trip. We were forced to wear jumpers that resembled footie pjs, hair nets, beard nets (even if you had Whitney that would not exempt you from wearing one), and goggles. Annnnd it was extremely boring. It was humid and smelled of mildew and cheese, it just wasn't pleasant. Not to mention we had to stand for over an hour listening to a woman who loved the sound of her own voice. I honestly didn't learn much at all and I have to write a paper on what I learned by tomorrow *facepalm*

Attractive right? The jumper makes me look bigger than I actually am! As much as I am not a fan of micrbiology, I really do like my class.

On Saturday, my mom, Whitney, and I ventured to Stevens Point to visit Hidie and had a girls day. AND Whitney and I ate at Olive Garden. And didn't have to go to the hospital. The last time we went to an Olive Garden was when our family went to Seattle 2 years ago and Alec, Whitney, and I had food poisoning and were violently sick. We missed out on so much during that trip because we were all laying down in the cold basement, occupying the bathroom. I remember Whit and I watching TV and a commercial came on for Olive Garden and we both our stomachs flopped. But we were able to visit Pike's Market and go up in the Space Needle, though that was an adventure in its own. A spinning room with a dizzy head, and upset stomach doesn't equal a joyous experience. So hopefully if we go back in the summer we can go again.

A picture of us sickies!

....sorry I went off on a tangent! Anywho, a new Olive Garden was put in and we decided to try it and it was delicious! I missed their breadsticks, and I vegged out and had a cherry Pepsi, naughty I know. Though, sad to say, they no longer serve chocolate lasagna.

After we did a little shopping and I found the most ADORABLE peacoat for Beckam. And best part, $6 at a resale shop...I'm turning into my mother! But it's Gymboree and still had its original tags on it. He's going to be one stylin' baby!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Final Countdown!

T-Minus 3 Months! Whoa.
I can't tell if the time will fly or go even slower...I'm really,really,really hoping it just flies! I want to meet baby Becks already! Hopefully he'll come sooner than the 30th but just my luck I'll probably go over a week,ugh. Guess only time will tell.

As planning for my baby shower, which I believe is the 3rd weekend in May, I'm finding it extremely hard to even create a registry. There is so much stuff out there and I don't know what I need or don't need (like a bottle or wipe warmer, do people realistically use those?). But I have listed my registries on the right side bar under "My Tid Bits" if people would like to take a look or give suggestions. Honestly, I'm not too picky. Most of the items on my registries are just things that I liked but an alternative would be just fine. But I do have a good start on newborn clothes though, so that's a plus right?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Soo I gave in....

and bought my first pair of maternity jeans....ugh. I had really hoped to avoid these at all cost by just living out of leggings and dresses but the weather has ruled out that attire. My Bella Band, which is like the top part of a maternity pant, has been a miracle (thanks so much Destiny!)and allowed me to wear my normal jeans for the past few months but now I can only fit into one pair of my old jeans, which happen to be my least favorite $9.95 American Eagle Outlet jeans....why couldn't it be my 7's or Joe's?? So I have packed up my designer duds and traded them in for an actually cute pair of maternity jeans.

Cute right? No one will guess where I bought them......

GOODWILL! My mom and I were in La Crosse yesterday and had to stop at the local Goodwill which is where I found these, new with tags, for $8.99! They are a tad bit big in the thighs but they are super comfy. And they don't have that ugly tan stretch thing that goes over your belly, they instead have elastic in the band and sit right below the belly.

Whitney left for her DC trip yesterday at the crack of dawn and had to wake me up to ask if her outfit looked alright...she was wearing lounge clothes to wear on a bus for 9 hours. Anyways, she made it safe to DC last night and gets to sing at the Capital today I believe. She won't be back until Thursday so the house is oddly quiet and our room is actually clean.

Celia wanted to go with her!

As for movie recommendations, Black Swan was just strange. I had to fast forward through most of the movie and I didn't get the point of the movie. I guess Nina, the main character, is chosen to play the White and Black Swan for her ballet and she initially becomes the Black Swan throughout the movie. Tangled was a cute movie! I'd recommend that if anyone has little kids.

Breaks over and school's back in session...only a month and a half left. I have to tell myself that everyday! Time just seems to go painstakingly sssslllooooooowwwwww.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Who is the kid?"

"The-the baby? I don't really know much about it other than, I mean, it has fingernails, allegedly."
All I know is my baby is most likely to become a soccer player with kicks like his...and his name being Beckam, it's meant to be. Speaking of names, I'm not sure if I want to spell it Beckam or Beckham?
(side note:I didn't choose the name Beckham after David Beckham, though it is a perk, but I actually came across it on an online baby book.It's most commonly used for middle names but I really like it, it's strong name.)

I don't want the poor kid to have ham in his name but then I'm not sure if it looks funny taking the "h" out. If you have any ideas on this, let me know!

As for other exciting news, I bought my first car! I took out my very first loan and bought a BMW 325xi.

and it's blue! and it's a sport premium edition and it's AWD which is great for Wisconsin weather. Now I won't have to fight over which car to take in the winter. I love it! I feel as if the car was made just for me!

Besides that, my spring break has been pretty uneventful. I've kept busy with work and catching up with friends and watching far too many movies. Even the days I don't work, I find myself in Family Video! I'm going later today to pick up the new releases for our movie night...Black Swan is finally coming out! Yay! As for recommendation, rent "The Tourist". It's an amazing movie! There's a love story in it, action scenes, the setting is beautiful, and the ending has a marvelous twist! I also enjoyed "The Switch" which I thought would have been dirty for it deals with a woman trying to get pregnant on her own but it ended up being a really cute movie with hardly any dirty parts.
Well I'm off to make sushi for my party (rice krispies wrapped in fruit roll-up...I don't like them but my friends do!)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I love my job!

Preface: As I write this post, I'm currently ignoring my microbio homework to watch "500 Days of Summer", great movie by the way, and I've watched this movie about 3 times in the past week and just now noticed this quote in the beginning:
"Author's note: The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Especially you Jenny Beckman. Bitch."
I love it.

So I had my second day at Family Video and I love it there! My boss is fantastic and very amusing and told me I was one of his favorite trainees and was impressed at how fast I picked up the system. One my first day I didn't think I'd be signing up new members, giving store tours, or even be ringing up people, especially on a busy Saturday. My boss actually just let me and the other new trainee have at it with the customers and jumped in when we needed was awesome! He even left to get toilet paper at wal-mart (restroom was out) and left us two trainees to run the store and we did just fine. I can't wait until I work again, which is Friday. I'm only able to work Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends but this week I have two appointments which happen to be Tuesday and Thursday.
Since I get new releases 5 days before the public, I picked up The Fighter in bluray for dad, The Switch for a family movie tonight, and the game Home Front for Alec but he informed me he hates war much for that.
Just a funny side note about work, I literally had 5 people comment on my baby bump...I didn't even think it was that noticeable! First guy awkwardly says," When do you pop?", right in front of my boss, which I haven't exactly told yet. Then a woman asked when I was due when I was giving her a store tour. Darn, I really thought I was doing a great job disguising it. Ah, oh well!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

As I wait for my microbio class to start, I was perusing my stats and I've had 146 hits in the past 3 days! Blimey! 144 within the States and 2 from Germany (I bet I can guess who that is (Julia)!) And someone even accessed my blog from an ipad, crazy! Well I hope the 146 of you who have viewed my blog liked it so far and if you didn't well no one forced you to look.
Anywho, my midterms are going GREAT so far. I aced my trig quiz this week and have a test in there next week and my calc test tomorrow. And I received another A+ on my english portfolio, which I am really proud of for it is an upper classmen english course and something that I want to pursue as a career.
But of course, I don't get money for my oh-so excellent grades like Alec does, which seems unfair but C'est la vie.
Below is a piece from my portfolio and where we had to write a creative non-fiction poem about something cluttered in our lives. So I chose the spare bedroom, which is actually suppose to be baby Beckam's intended you read you can tell we have alot of work to do before we can put a crib in there. So hopefully this will help MOTIVATE my mother to start cleaning it out.

The Endeavor to the Sleigh Bed
There’s a beautiful, cherry wood sleigh bed against the far wall in the spare bedroom.
No one would know of its existence for it is hidden with vibrant prom dresses, tattered clothes for the next garage sale, birthday presents for unexpected parties, and books piled high in each one of its corners.
To even open the oak wood door to the room is a strenuous challenge in itself.
If one is lucky the toy car ramps were put back instead of jamming the entryway…if not, well, then push with your entire mite.
Once the door is open, a frightening blue paper-Mache mask looms as a warning sign against the wall.
To even start the journey to the bed, one has to maneuver around the toy Nerf guns that lay scattered against the walls and dart the minuscule matchbox cars that are spilled across the floor.
If one survives this without stubbed toes and curse words, then the next task is making it past the closet.
As you pass the black abyss of a closet, you hear rustling from inside.
Do you dare to look?
A jumble of unused baby clothes and a clutter of hangers catch your eye but then you notice movement within the piles of spare blankets and linens.
Curiosity killed the cat, but you matter-of-factly know a cat couldn’t possibly be in there.
As you cautiously peel back the top layer of blanket a brown, round shaped face pokes out at you.
Ah, it is only the adorable face of Apple Sauce, our family’s chihuahua.
You replace the blanket and bid her adieu and carry on with your journey.
Finally, the brave explorer reaches the bed and finds the beautiful, matching cherry wood nightstand.
Above are mounted mismatched children’s artworks from school, framed yet too unsightly to put elsewhere in the house.
The quest back will be easier, my friend.
One just needs willpower.
Imagine the clean, uncluttered world outside that oak wood door and find the energy to venture back.
You already know the path and obstacles so go on.
As you tip toe around the closet, fast step over the matchbox cars, you are now homeward bound.
Ah, freedom!
You close the oak wood door, and lay satisfied on the couch.
As you lay, relief setting in, you soon realize you forgot to grab the bag of clothes on that beautiful, cherry wood sleigh bed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Harveys Seatbelt Bag!

My goal is to buy my very own Harveys Seatbelt Bag Diaper Bag. I'm a huge Harveys fan and have owned 4 or 5 bags by them. They are literally made out of seatbelts and are super cute! So of course I have to have a Harveys Diaper Bag. They are pricey but I have a bag from my freshman year of high school and it's still in great shape and extremely easy to clean.

I've been scouring ebay,amazon, anywhere to find the old-style diaper bag
and I almost won a black one on ebay but some sneaky snake uped my bid in the last 15 seconds....ruthless ebidders. And I haven't seen an old-style since. So I'm debating holding out for an old-style one or just buying the new design.

I like the criss-cross of the seatbelts of the old-style but the red one above is pretty bamfing. The other one is from the Tree-cycle cycle collection in which all the seatbelts are from junk yard cars, I own a tote that's this style so I don't know if i'd want another one or not.
Anyways, check them out it's pretty amazing how they make these bags.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm obsessed!

So people have been asking about what my baby bump looked like and I was (and still am) able to hide it quite well. No one has questioned me at school....well a nurse in my microbio class did but besides that no one. Anywho, this is a picture I took just before I went to work and ta-da! baby bump!

We went to Rockford last weekend and had tons of fun! We mostly went shopping and looking at baby clothes and I'm addicted! The first day I found out I was having a boy my mom, Linze, and I went to the Dells to do some shopping and we did A LOT! And ever since then I buy at least one piece a week, like I said I'm obsessed. So below I'll post some of my major findings. Enjoy!
Isn't this adorable! His first North Face jacket...I couldn't resist

Some cute onesies I found down in Rockford

And his first pair of designer denim! I just hope he doesn't outgrow these right away with his long legs
And some 3-6 months....inspiration was Mason Kardashian.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Baby Boy!

Yes, that's my little guy in the picture! Due June 26. And yes, he was a "surprise" but he's the best surprise ever. The doctor said he was one active and lively baby so getting a good picture of his face was a challenge but was able to get a video of him mid-yawn.
The doctor and Destiny informed me that he has a strong heart so yay! The doctor also commented on the little guy's long and lanky legs, which are constantly kicking me. As for now, they are light love taps but I've been informed that later on I will come to agonize them.

As for me, I transferred to UW-Richland so I could be back home. I needed to get out of Rochester, even if he wasn't on the way...I missed my family way too much! I was originally suppose to transfer to UW-Point at semester but realized that Point wasn't the best school for a pre-med student. So UW-Richland it was! And I'm actually really pleased I did. It felt amazing to attend a college that actually felt like a real college. And it is here where I fell back in love with English. I tested into English 203, which is a sophomore creative writing class, and I was nervous about it first for I wasn't a poetry or drama fanatic but this course opened my heart up and the professor, ah I love her! She is so dedicated to English, it's so admirable. So, I have officially changed my major to English. Now I strive to become an English Professor but first I'll have to get my Bachelor's in Secondary Education. Which I will be continuing school after the baby arrives. I have a great support system and I thank my family so much for giving me the opportunity to raise my son and continue my education, I love you guys so much, words can't describe it. I'll post below a little iambic beat poem I wrote for one of my english profiles.

As for other news, I started a new job at Family Video. I like it so far, I get great deals on movies! I get new releases 5 days before the public...for free! So movie night galore at Walters house!

Though I haven’t met you,
I love you.
You are my world,
my purpose for living.
Though you keep me up at night
and kick me harshly,
I grin from ear to ear
just to know you are there.
Though I don’t know what you look like,
I have clothes for you in every color,
a nursery decked out in blue,
and a beautiful name for you.
Though there are four more months
until your grand arrival,
I count the days until I meet you,
my baby boy Beckam.