Friday, April 8, 2011

Why I Write

As promised, here's a recent belly photo...less than three months now, that is crazy.

I'll be taking a break from the internet in general for I waste away so much time on it. When I'm not on facebook, I'm posting on here, when I'm not on here I'm perusing every baby site possible when I have more than enough homework and other things to work on. For example, my third english portfolio, which is due on Monday and I only have 1,000 words done so far....and I need 3,000. Not to mention I have to include two screenplays (yikes) and have no idea what to write about. On top of that, I really need to work on my final research paper for my other english class. I've hit that speed bump and just need to floor it.
So as much as I find blogging a huge stress relief, the break is much needed. Below is a rough draft of a piece I need to extend on for my portfolio, can't say it's my best piece but it is one of my favorites.

Why I Write (Chelsey’s Version)
I write to speak the things I cannot say. I write to better myself. I write to calm myself. I write for tears can’t interrupt words on paper. I write because I mumble. I write to express myself. I write for I am too fearful to say it out loud. I write because I talk too fast. I write for revenge. I write because I sound more intelligent on paper. I write because I like to describe things. I write to release fear. I write for my future. I write for my past. I write for my major. I write because I can. I write because it’s private. I write to make the private public. I write for love. I write for envy. I write for hate. I write to tell descriptive details. I write beyond my maturity. I write because I say the wrong things. I write from my Blackberry. I write on paper. I write from my laptop. I write words to find adjectives. I write conversations down. I write arguments down. I write before I speak. I write and my mother proofreads. I write for my son. I write for my family. I write for me. I write out of my anger and into my passion.

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