Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whitney's Prom

Whitney had prom yesterday and she looked STUNNING! She made it on court (she was actually asked by 3 different guys on court, comment tres miserables)but went with Rouven, a German exchange student, who resembled Willy Wonka if you ask me.

It was fun going to Grand March. I've never gone as a spectator before but I love looking at everyone's dresses! And it was fun to see all of Whitney's little friends dressed up.

So who did prom better?

Nah, I'm kidding, no sibling rivalry here! Though I am very envious of her dress....I did sort of pressure her into buying it but she's glad I did, that and she is so indecisive as it is, she needed a push. She definitely blew everyone else out of the water...with a color like that how could you not?!
Other news, only a month left of school! Thank my lucky stars, it just needs to be done with. Next semester, I won't have to take math or science, just english, english, english, and political science (blah). And my birthday is Tuesday, 19 on the 19th! I'm bringing in my favorite chocolate pudding cheesecake dessert for my microbio class. As for movies, Gulliver's Travels was a cute movie. I read the original book in my humanities class and some of it is relatable to the movie but I'm sure Ms.Schekel wouldn't approve.

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