Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Final Countdown!

T-Minus 3 Months! Whoa.
I can't tell if the time will fly or go even slower...I'm really,really,really hoping it just flies! I want to meet baby Becks already! Hopefully he'll come sooner than the 30th but just my luck I'll probably go over a week,ugh. Guess only time will tell.

As planning for my baby shower, which I believe is the 3rd weekend in May, I'm finding it extremely hard to even create a registry. There is so much stuff out there and I don't know what I need or don't need (like a bottle or wipe warmer, do people realistically use those?). But I have listed my registries on the right side bar under "My Tid Bits" if people would like to take a look or give suggestions. Honestly, I'm not too picky. Most of the items on my registries are just things that I liked but an alternative would be just fine. But I do have a good start on newborn clothes though, so that's a plus right?

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