Monday, March 28, 2011

Soo I gave in....

and bought my first pair of maternity jeans....ugh. I had really hoped to avoid these at all cost by just living out of leggings and dresses but the weather has ruled out that attire. My Bella Band, which is like the top part of a maternity pant, has been a miracle (thanks so much Destiny!)and allowed me to wear my normal jeans for the past few months but now I can only fit into one pair of my old jeans, which happen to be my least favorite $9.95 American Eagle Outlet jeans....why couldn't it be my 7's or Joe's?? So I have packed up my designer duds and traded them in for an actually cute pair of maternity jeans.

Cute right? No one will guess where I bought them......

GOODWILL! My mom and I were in La Crosse yesterday and had to stop at the local Goodwill which is where I found these, new with tags, for $8.99! They are a tad bit big in the thighs but they are super comfy. And they don't have that ugly tan stretch thing that goes over your belly, they instead have elastic in the band and sit right below the belly.

Whitney left for her DC trip yesterday at the crack of dawn and had to wake me up to ask if her outfit looked alright...she was wearing lounge clothes to wear on a bus for 9 hours. Anyways, she made it safe to DC last night and gets to sing at the Capital today I believe. She won't be back until Thursday so the house is oddly quiet and our room is actually clean.

Celia wanted to go with her!

As for movie recommendations, Black Swan was just strange. I had to fast forward through most of the movie and I didn't get the point of the movie. I guess Nina, the main character, is chosen to play the White and Black Swan for her ballet and she initially becomes the Black Swan throughout the movie. Tangled was a cute movie! I'd recommend that if anyone has little kids.

Breaks over and school's back in session...only a month and a half left. I have to tell myself that everyday! Time just seems to go painstakingly sssslllooooooowwwwww.

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